I started out taking photos more for personal pleasure and learning graphics as something fun to do and occasionally for friends and primary work to give me the extra edge in everyday work. Since then i have been able to use my skills to help several starting business. A few of the business are Rebel Angels Hair Studio, The Strand Salon Studio, Hunters Pointe Farm. I am passionate about my work and really love doing what i do.

Photography by McClain is an A-Z company. We handle anything from Family Photography to Commercial Photography, Marketing Photography, Photo editing, Video Editing, Custom graphics, Website design, Website Maintaining and website hosting. As you can see I do it all From conceptual design to Final implementation.

Just to give you an idea of all types of services i perform here is a list, which i am continuing to add more and more. Do not see something send me request here i’ll let you know if i can do it. If not i have vast resources that can lead us in the right direction or i can lead you into the right direction.